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Gruff by DarkCheshire Gruff :icondarkcheshire:DarkCheshire 1 0 Ruff by DarkCheshire Ruff :icondarkcheshire:DarkCheshire 0 2
Don’t hope
To cope;
Don’t dance
At chance.
The rose
From the mirth
Of Earth;
The rose
From the soil
Of toil.  
Don’t spare
Your share;
Don’t blind
The mind.
You give-
You live;
You lie-
You die.  
You yearn-
You burn;
You choose-
You lose.
Don’t face
Don’t bail
And fail.  
Love is two-sided,
Love is divided-
Treat each the same
And you will gain.
Treat one higher-
And you’ll expire.  
Love is taught
When it is not.  
:icondarkcheshire:DarkCheshire 0 0
Love is lusting
   Love is trusting
      Love is thrusting.
Minus two
   if you do-
But know
   that Sex
is a vex;
    A curse
for the worse.
A voice
   without choice.
   to lope
     and cope.
Pulling the pieces
    Through nephews and nieces.
Making mingle
   be single.
   Like the word unheard.
But those
who speak
   are weak.
Just fuck
  and with luck -
The Sun
  will shine
But those who care
   will spare;
Those who live
   will give.
But what is life
   without Sex?
A goddamn vex.
:icondarkcheshire:DarkCheshire 344 44
Silver stacks
Down the stretch
Where sunlight meets-
And retreats.
Through bog
And fog.
Blurred and deferred.
Lone figure
On the wall
Who sunlight beats-
And defeats
The wicker
To flicker
Turning and yearning.
Blackest thread
In the sky
How sunlight shades
And fades
The wear
And tear
Hiding and biding.
Rolling time
Against the fence
When sunlight harms
And charms
The haste
To waste
Ghostly and mostly.
Gilded shroud
Below the sight
Why sunlight wavers
And favors:
To be jest
At best
Embarking and larking.
Heavy heart-
Up in thorns
What moonlight fastens
To hasten
To dance
At chance
Staged and caged.
:icondarkcheshire:DarkCheshire 0 2
Divide and conquer;
And Slipping -
Moist and mellow;
And renew -
And yield.
Into the water,
Into the sky,
Without goodbye.
Drown, drown-
Absent yellow,
None to bellow.
Jealousy -
That's love.
When the prickly parts -
Make no sense.
No sense at all.
When the bee sting grows
And mother
Has no bandage.
Her kisses -
Her stitches -
Pain to gain
Drive insane.
Grinning fierce,
Pen to pierce.
To crust
Romance -
Two lips,
One tongue.
Two eyes,
One heart.
No obstruction -
No change
To rearrange.
Complete retreat,
From the heat:
Crisp and hollow,
Darkness follow.
Sit and stare
Without a' care;
No love to share -
Love -
A pair of fangs;
Full of birth
Untold mirth.  
Till snap and bite,
They light the night.
And down
Through the sheet
To meet.  
Heavy whicker,
Faintest flicker.   
Violet ribbons,
bluest bows;
Wrap t
:icondarkcheshire:DarkCheshire 0 3
It was a dark place, but dark wouldn't cut it. No word could, nobody could. People had seen it, thought about it, and left it. To them, it was stranger; someone or something dispensable. Yet, like the novel it challenged them; supported a game. They could tear open each page, read every line, and stumble in some drunken inertia. All it respected was fire: the willow soot, that welted flare eclipsing ellipse. There to burn, char and brown; crippled and cracked: indescribable, non admirable. Rejected, not by definition, but lack there of. Such was nature, nomenclature; to destroy the unrefined. Perhaps by fear or arrogance, both were without knowledge. These things were the things that fell on widows' lips - as rain upon the city, ice against the freeze. Where, in delightful need to twist, fact replaced fiction.
Mayhap curiosity pulls the linen cords, maybe it is wit; either way, it remains inevitable. As flame to the brush, so are the words of thousands.
To him, it was nothing but str
:icondarkcheshire:DarkCheshire 0 1
Waters Only Rose
The lake will break
In the wake;
Bumble, rumble,
Twist and tumble.
River float,
Without a boat;
Trickle, sickle,
Dry and fickle.
Rising yeast,
With no feast;
Mother's mirth
Betray the Earth.
Upward light,
Burning bright;
Golden horde,
Shining Lord.
Glimmer spray
Wash away;
Glazing finger,
Darkness linger.
Sprouting spring;
Violet bell
Thrown through Hell.
Soil pierce,
With petal fierce;
Cracking sound,
Trance the roses,
Singe their noses;
Bleeding yellow,
Murk and mellow.
Sunlight fed,
Now is dead;
Leaking out
And round about.
Fed by lies:
Bluest skies;
Raining shroud,
Heavy cloud.
Letting loose
Woven noose;
Falling fast
Into the past.
Round the tide,
Lovers bide;
Dancing rain,
Pitter pain.
:icondarkcheshire:DarkCheshire 0 1
The Journey Home
As I looked into the starry sky
What did I see?
Woe, it was an illusion of me,
And all that I had once to be.
Gleaming backwards, moving face;
In, about, and out of place.
Wave by wave I crashed ashore,
Known'st to what I was before;
Upon a rock, my body bled:
Wound alive, and nearly dead.
Across the water on a boat,
Seven men were all afloat;
Thirteen others, in the blue,
Sleeping where the coral grew.
Journeys cropped in every tongue,
Like the rag as it is rung:
Dripping, dropping to the ground
Without haste, though all of sound.
Homeward bound, they made a' way
Up in night and back at day;
Singing pride in every chest,
Beating neath' their rippled breast.
Sunday Churches, out of prayer,
Loft' above the salty air;
All were gathered, coast to coast
Watching for that other ghost.
Aboard the raft came in sight
Coastline through the shade of night;
Far ahead, keeping still,
Shivered in nocturnal chill.
As they neared, cries were heard,
Every ounce in every word;
Crossing over fickle tide
:icondarkcheshire:DarkCheshire 0 1
Meet Me Maker, Second Taker
'Twas set in time,
A' cuckled rhyme;
Twisting, twisting
By sublime.
What dost it say
When it spray
Hours on the
Mark of day?
Two to chance,
Deadly dance;
'Round about,
In outer stance.
Doth it mourn,
Heavy scorn;
Giver of
The worldly born
Showing, growing,
Seeds for sewing;
Mother Earth
And all unknowing.
That which showers
Plenty flowers;
Raining in
On clouds of hours.
Running force,
Valiant horse;
In, about,
And round of course.
Hoe to plow,
Till to sow;
Turning 'bout
The then and now.
Clock confine,
Soul align;
Bade this heart
Inside of mine.
Hark to sing,
Crimson bells
Relay in ring.
Take His hand,
Form the band:
Throughout the land.
Chimes to tear
Prime the gear;
Start us up,
Another year.
Bring to end
What man would spend;
If his hands
Could rightly tend.
Without sound,
Fold the mound;
Burried deep
In yonder ground.
:icondarkcheshire:DarkCheshire 0 2
To Create, Eliminate
Of every city, of every street
Where Carpenters hands curve to meet;
By towers tall to alleys thick:
Built within, brick by brick.
Where blossoms bloom and roses spread,
From tip to toe, from toe to head;
Sunsets trickle, lunar birth:
There shall set the sea, the Earth.  
Chapels sprawled on brimstone shores
Guiding light, where light implores
Crossing heathens, dark of day;
Teaching them the blessed way.
Beaming, gleaming, burning well;
Fire, fire, far from hell:
Placed aside a' mortal spire,
Molded sweet, as sweet is dire.  
Soils swelled on blankets jade,
Colors where the past will fade;
Twined by root, burned to sage
Ashes in this modern age.
Beauty, beauty, what we shape,
And what we make is what we break;
Beauty, beauty, through us all,
Living life, till life does fall.  
Cursed by God beside our gains,
Nursed beneath His mighty reigns;
Rushing, running, all men full
Pushing, pushing, few to pull.
Is not in justice, gentile law,
Nor Heaven high to va
:icondarkcheshire:DarkCheshire 0 2
Where Darkness Wades
We are sinners, so they say:
Darkness in the blight of day;
Without heart, cast of sight
'loft between what's wrong and right.  
What hither lies, shadow spray:
'loom upon a' dying day;
Buried deep, throbbing still
Caught within nocturnal chill
Replaced, replaced, change of face
Filling in of empty space;
Left behind, shaft between
Scattered 'bout against the seam.
Staring blindly, two eyes tear
Past the world that withers there;
Aged but by our mortal whim,
Ladled in the hands of men.
Lunar light, what doth thou sow
By the meadow, to and fro;
But is the lack from heavens heed
Of which your hands, do seer to seed.
Thou the poison, thou the sleep:
Swindled in thy tongue to seek;
With wild snap, gape of jaw:
Come, succumb, control us all.
Touch we dearly, drawn of lust
Or some forgot, begotten trust;
For He in His eyes held that face,
Till fallen out of Holy place.
What resolution reigns supreme,
But that within mine gifted dream;
Blessed by slumber, kissed in woe:
That of whic
:icondarkcheshire:DarkCheshire 2 0
Our Divinity
Of Heaven high, on valley low
Twine what knowledge that we know;
For every wisp in every wave,
As cradle rocked to solemn grave.
Scripture wrote by word of fraud
Speak the phrase, the name of God;
Let it sing through silent verse,
Our holy lord, our tethered curse.
Preach each letter, praise the thought:
Simple stroke on pages wrought;
Repent, repent: strike thy sin,
Lift a' burden, writ by men.
Kneel on knee and mourn to He,
Him of which, who make thee be;
Let it know, that sorrow balms
'Neath the flesh of both your palms
Believe, believe as justice reigns:
Unlock the shackle, break the chains;
Those who differ, scorned apart:
Skewer turn their every heart.
Crimson cross 'pon moor of rye,
Open forth mine weary eye;
Whitest wing, blackest tread,
One above the others head.
Manger, mirth, where He lay:
We the Earth and Earth the hay;
Silent sprung on fickle seed,
Turning, turning: weed for weed.
Brothers, sisters, all rejoice:
We the people, we the voice;
Unison carry, hand and hand,
:icondarkcheshire:DarkCheshire 4 2
As the pendulum
To and fro;
Rocking back and forth to show:
Never still, nor but to rest;
Caught within eternal 'gest.
Swinging sideways,
Out and in:
From there to back
To back again.
Beside the hands,
What arms in race:
Running for familiar place;
'Round and 'round and
'Round in play,
Thoughtless of the dying day.
Burning embers, painted stale;
Each their own, each as well:
Twelve a' cast, all a part,
Where to end is where to start.
When fickle sun doth daint the sky,
Replacing moon in lunar eye,
Shall all to squelch beneath what pose
That of which the night not knows.
Among the stars, so sputtered bright
Will tuck the sheets, and rid of sight;
Smothered oppression, vain redress
Curled between, above the rest.
Upon yon' garden, blossoms bloom
Rising in the dawn of noon,
But to writhe beneath the stare:
Unattended, without care;
Plucked and scattered,
Trickled thin;
Replaced by another,
Replaced by men.
For thy art not the sun so high,
Nor the time to riddle by;
But mere man and such t
:icondarkcheshire:DarkCheshire 0 4
Immortal Fatality
What type of light we kneel to find remains so deep by fonder time,
Tis in that loss, all simply see a meaning through eternity.  
Haze from high by seeking sought,
Foot upon the upturned plot.
Aloft such flow hath caught the whim, bid unto what glade to swim;
Struck through edge, knocked awry, loose its hands among the pry.
How tussled it flairs, enflamed in mean,
Calmed along our unclaimed dream.   
Never rest nor ever 'sperse, that a blessing, to much a curse;
Bound here, wrapped in feel, separating false of what's so real.
Honor worth but that of glory,
Told from come an ending story.    
Is not in which the darkest soars, that of which the sight implores;
Between the stars and sputtered sky: exist in that, maternal eye.  
Twas by the means, circled 'round;
That of which to mute the sound
To close the gates, that kept within; ignite the candle, relight the sin.  
To waken the gap, between the gest; risen above, beyond
:icondarkcheshire:DarkCheshire 0 1
Cultivation Eradication
It's to this now and now is it; an entity to our rattled frame, as a frame to soldier's portrait. Steel slight oblique, heavy brass; reflecting nothing, when nothing is seen. Bent right round and running for end, what loop in loss is loss at fault. Stature blazed in omission, ridged from the dingy scholar; sculpture cement, sickled in Carpenter's hands. Every ring places on salient bone, but rink shall slip on slickest mire. Steps sliding, a shattered spoke, puzzle connected for stilts; flowing warsh unguided by bay, basking hoarse, roaring like the newborn. Each an own, own in all; Heaven equal on deepest cove, both above yet so alone. Yonder bore, past birth outstretched; sight saw civil, noble knight, enigma held such hilt in feat. Victory saved, streamed in warmth, from coldest stone to steaming blush; duel for honor, deed, and worth when fallen foe betwixt the Earth. Palest rose runs on 'volving moor: youthful facet, mature illusion; Bottom sea skies spray fountain top: strewing,
:icondarkcheshire:DarkCheshire 0 2

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Contention The Unworthy
United States
Current Residence: Indianapolis
Favourite genre of music: Peter's Tuba
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Real Dragons
Wallpaper of choice: The one from Buddy's Carpet
Favourite cartoon character: Cheshire, in his furry glory; depending on which version you look at.
Personal Quote: "Cats are colorblind you know, kaleidoscopes hold no interest for us" - Cheshire Cat
If you read it, it rhymes.

Otherwise you can read it "Oo-e-poo-e".  If you read it this way - STOP SOUNDING THINGS OUT.

Anyway, whatever floats your boat will do.  Unless your boat is the Titanic.  Then you should not be reading this. Get out. Now.

College has started.  Last Wednesday was the first day of classes.  

So far, school has been great.  It really is a big change from high school.  In high school, your assigned homework and told when to do it.  

In college, you're assigned homework, and told, "JUST DO IT WHENEVER OKAY!?"

Whenever could be any time.  These proffesors are crazy, straight crazy.

The interesting thing is that most assignments are turned in online.  Whatever happened to paper? WHERE DID YOU GO PAPER?

Soon enough, handwritting will be a thing of the past.  Screw your pencils boy, you got fingers for typing.  Unless you're paraylized.  That would just suck.  Sorry if you are.  

The campus life is interesting.  There is always something going on.  Then again, the campus is downtown - if something wasn't going on, that would likely be the sign of a holocaust.  

Which would never happen in Indiana, because we love all people.  NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE.  

Anywho, I have classes every single day of the freaking week.  Which gets annoying.  If I were to write out my schedule, it would look like this: OMG

Chemistry C101 (9-10:15am)
Math 111 (12-1:15pm)

EALC Japanese (6-8:15pm)


Windows on Science (3-4:40pm)
EALC Japanese (6-8:15)


Yeah, that's my schedule.  So far, school work hasn't been to bad.  It's actually a pretty fun load - since the majority of the classes are things I prefer learning about.   

I'm still hoping to go into Pre-Med.  Minoring in something like East Asian Languages would be cool.  But that's way to HEAVY of a load.  That would be like, a fatass amount of homework and studying all together.  

Hey, if I can make it enough to get a B.A., that's awesome.  Not a B.S.  That requires math.  A lot of math.  Forget math.  It's for posers.  Don't be a poser.    

Anyway, hope everyone is having a fun time at school.  Especially all you high schoolers.  HAVE FUN BEING YOUNG AND STUPID.  You really aren't.  Don't be down on yourself.
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